Never in a million years did I think I'd be drafting a post about face masks that aren't the skincare variety, but here we are. Our worlds have been turned upside down in the past couple of weeks, and as much as we hope and pray that things will return back to normal, the unfortunate truth is that it will not anytime soon. It appears that face masks, gloves, sanitizer, and social distancing will still be prevalent and crucial in the immediate future.

I'm sure you all have heard this a thousand and one times, but simply wearing a mask is not enough to protect you and others sufficiently. To truly flatten the curve, we need to stay at home and try to be as vigilant as possible to what healthcare and government officials are suggesting. We all have a duty to do our parts and keep our love ones, communities, states, and country safe.

Face masks have been extremely difficult to come by. Now that we are urged to wear face coverings when out and about, I scoured the internet to track down the best options. I tried my best to include a range of selections and brands. I made an effort to seek out companies that are giving back and helping organizations and hospitals (they'll be marked with an *asterisk*). I think now is a critical time to support businesses that are taking responsibility and doing their best to help out with our current dilemma. I'm also only highlighting reusable masks for sustainability purposes.

Here's what I found:

1. Disney face masks*

These are the cutest! I ordered the princess pack and the character face ones. They even have a baby

Yoda one, but I don't need that...right?

* Disney will be donating the proceeds to Medshare and has donated 1 million masks

2. Cincinnati Zoo animal face masks

The best masks for animal lovers! I bought a few of these rainbow hippo ones and the Fiona ones! I can't

find information on whether or not Cincinnati Zoo will be donating any masks or profits, but I am fairly

certain that the proceeds will be used towards maintaining the zoo and taking good care of the animals.

3. J. Crew face masks*

If you're looking for a ~chicer~ version of the standard blue disposable masks, these are a great option! I

like the stripes -- they're simple, but much more fun than solid blue.

* J. Crew has made multiple generous donations to several organizations and a hospital

4. Suite by Jennifer Diederich face masks*

These might be the most stylish face masks I've seen! I'm deciding between the red gingham one or the

lovebirds one...

* Jennifer is donating masks; plus, she is a small business, so win-win!

5. Reformation face masks*

This is one of the few sustainable companies that I found. Their clothing is beautiful and these

masks come in their signature floral design in a variety of colors.

* Reformation has donated 19,000 masks so far

6. Sanctuary face masks*

These come in a 5-pack in their signature prints, which makes it a great option for those of you who crave

variety even when it comes to protection.

* Sanctuary is donating masks to organizations with every purchase

7. Alice + Olivia face mask*

I think this mask is adorable and SO Alice + Olivia! It's also the cheapest designed face mask I've come across - yay!

* Alice + Olivia is donating a mask to communities in need for each one sold

8. LoveShackFancy face masks

Just like their dresses, their masks are to-die-for. They're actually made from leftover fabric! These masks

are hand-sewn in Florida and each one is unique. Since I'm trying to support companies that are producing right here at home, I'll be ordering several of these for myself and the women in my family once

they're back in stock.

9. Isabel Manns face masks*

This is a new-to-me fashion brand, but I love the colorful prints (also made from leftover fabric)!

* Isabel Manns is donating 100% of proceeds to NHS

10. Tanya Taylor face masks*

These masks are seriously so cute. For once, I actually love all the designs included in the pack!

* Tanya Taylor is donating a mask for each pack sold and has donated 30,000 masks so far

11. Christy Dawn face masks*

These come out to around $10 a piece, but all the prints are subtle and beautiful, characteristic of the brand. I think these are a great pick if you're not into the punchy and colorful masks I've shared.

* Christy Dawn is donating 5 masks to those in need for each pack purchased

12. Be Silly Project face masks*

Another Made In The USA brand -- I love it! They have a very coveted blue gingham print mask

that maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive in your two pack...

* Be Silly Project is putting 100% of their proceeds towards making masks to donate

to essential workers and organizations

13. Beyond Yoga face masks*

Super fabulous prints, made in LA, and they give back -- what more can you ask for?!

* Beyond Yoga will donate 2 masks for each pack sold

14. Eugenia Kim face masks*

I love the chic satin masks and of course, the sequin one! These masks are made in the USA.

* Eugenia Kim will donate 5% of mask sales to the Ronald McDonald House New York

15. Etsy

If you haven't searched for face masks on Etsy, you're really missing out! There are literally hundreds of

different prints to choose from, and while I'm not sure what individual sellers are doing in terms of giving

back, you'll be supporting a small business owner during these hard times. I really love this floral one,

this watermelon one, this rose one, this marble one, and these Lilly Pulitzer ones.

I hope you find a mask or two that you love, since they're going to be part of our outfits for foreseeable future! Please continue to take good care of yourselves and your families -- stay safe and healthy!

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