About two months ago, my mom and I were on our way in to LensCrafters when I spotted a giant yellow sign next door that read, "First time customers: get your first chiropractic consultation and adjustment for only $29!" Jokingly, I told my mom she should go in and see if they could do anything to help her with her lower back pain.

After getting my eyes checked, she dragged me over to ask about their services. The receptionist broke everything down for us, and my mom and I decided to give it a try. Since I had struggled with some lower back pain when Samuel and I were in China, I was totally down to see if the doctor could tweak anything. After all, if we didn't like it, we'd only be out $58. We filled out a stack of paperwork and were seen immediately.

My first session was fantastic -- I told the doctor about all the issues I've been experiencing and he made some adjustments here and there. He even shared how consistent chiropractic care can yield many benefits, such as fewer migraines and less stiffness in joints, amongst many others. I've shared this before, but I suffer from migraines several times a month. They come randomly and can range from mild to absolutely excruciating. I have tried almost everything under the sun to alleviate the pain, so when I was told that getting adjustments might help with my migraines, I was sold. I usually have to take a near-lethal dose of painkillers to get rid of my migraines, so any holistic option was welcome. I felt great and loose after my first session and slept like a baby that night.

I stuck with the same doctor for next two sessions, which weren't bad, but felt routine. The same exact adjustments were made and I was in and out in three minutes. I felt like my last adjustment with him was uneven, which threw off my back, so the following week, I tried out another doctor who came highly recommended. He was surely experienced, but he was also hard of hearing, which made things very uncomfortable for me. I would explain where I was feeling pain and he either didn't hear me talk or he would just start talking over me mid-sentence.

Discouraged that my sessions weren't going as smoothly as I had hoped, I was about to call it quits after my sessions were up. But as I went in for my last appointment, I was surprised to find a substitute doctor filling in for the original guy I was going to see. I was about to reschedule, but the sweet receptionist suggested I try her out. And just like that, the new chiropractor turned everything around. She was amazing from start to finish, and I've been seeing her regularly ever since. Each time, without fail, she asks me how I've been feeling, if there are any persistent and new areas where I'm feeling pain, tightness, etc., and really works with me to ensure that I feel good. Doctors who truly care about their patients and take time to learn about their issues and help them to the best of their abilities are the best, and I'm extremely grateful that I've found that in my chiropractor.

I thought it was important to share even the not-so-fabulous parts of my story because I know how devastating it can be to want, need, and get help and not find someone who does the job as well as you'd like. It's discouraging and feels like a waste of your precious time, energy, and money. In my experience, it can be tempting to call it quits and stop looking for someone more suitable, but then find myself falling back on the same patterns, behaviors, pain, etc. These things take time, so it's important to keep that in mind. Think about it like this: did you find your favorite hair stylist on the first try? What about a masseuse who you love? Your go-to restaurants? Truth is, rarely do the first few tries work out perfectly. I'm glad things worked out for me in the end, and now I have yet another regular spot in my hometown.

What's so convenient about The Joint is that they are a chain with over 425 locations nationwide, making it a breeze for those of you who travel frequently. They offer a "Wellness Plan," which is what I have, that includes 4 sessions for only $69! All additional sessions are $39, making it customizable for your needs. Since the sessions do not roll over into the next month, the fact that I can visit any of their locations if I'm away really makes it convenient for me. I make my appointments ahead of time, but they are very accommodating and take walk-ins and last-minute cancellations without penalties.

I just wanted to stress that this post is not sponsored by The Joint. I have received no form of compensation (monetary, services, etc.) whatsoever from The Joint. I am not affiliated with them (other than being a patient). I have paid for every single service and am sharing my honest review. I hope this helped if you're curious about chiropractic treatment. As always, check in with your doctor before you start any treatments, and if you're cleared, The Joint is a great place to start your chiropractic care!