Us girls sure talk a lot about beauty products. But perhaps the most important yet underrated item is a high-quality toothbrush. I know so many women who spend hours and hours or hair and makeup each day, but completely skin over their dental routine. As someone who rarely wears makeup, I focus on keeping my teeth clean and bright because a smile is the best accessory a girl can wear!

Before we left for China, I had the chance to try out an at-home whitening kit from Smile Brilliant. You can read all about my experience here if you missed it. I had great results, so I was thrilled when they launched their cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush, as I've been meaning to make the switch from manual to electric.

I've tried other electronic toothbrushes in the past, but never really noticed them doing any more than making sure I brushed for a full two minutes. I have been using my cariPRO toothbrush for a few weeks now, and I love it! I even popped on a new toothbrush head so Samuel could try it out, and now he's basically claimed it for himself. He only uses electric toothbrushes and is super picky about them, so I'm glad that this product was not only good enough for me, but for him, too.

So why do we love this toothbrush so much? I love the five different settings that are available (clean, whiten, massage, gum care, and sensitive). For the most part, I switch between the clean and whiten settings, but I've tried out the other ones, and let me tell you, they're pretty handy to have as an option on days when your teeth are ultra-sensitive, after a dentist appointment, or if you want a deeper clean.

I was impressed with the toothbrush right off the bat. To give you an idea of how well the whiten setting works on its own (without the aid of a whitening toothpaste) I ate a bunch of blackberries and raspberries, which, as you probably know, leave lovely stains on your teeth, and all the stains were polished right off effortlessly. The gum care setting is fantastic for extra cleaning along the gum line, which I like to use to make sure my smile is indeed brilliant.

I also love that their battery lasts 30 days, meaning that I won't have to pack a charger if I'm going away on a short trip. Like many electric toothbrushes, this one operates for two minutes; however, it pauses between each 30-second burst, which tells you to move to a different quadrant of the mouth, ensuring that you clean everything evenly. As someone who totally spaces out while brushing my teeth, the beeps are a nice reminder. Sounds wonderful, right? Products that make mundane everyday tasks just a little bit easier are a win in my book.

Smile Brilliant has kindly offered to send a cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush to one lucky winner! You can enter the giveaway here.

But if you have to have one ASAP (I totally get it!), they're offering all of you 20% the toothbrush with code chicincalitb20.

The winner will be chosen and contacted by a Smile Brilliant representative.

To sweeten this giveaway and your week even more, I wanted to throw in that $358 Lilly Pulitzer gift card that I dug up last week while cleaning out my wallet (I found the strangest things!). Leave a comment down below for one entry. Enter the Smile Brilliant giveaway and get yourself five more entries (just be sure to let me know you entered -- you can send me a screenshot of the entry page)! The winner will be selected separately -- I will randomly select a winner for the Lilly Pulitzer gift card and contact the winner myself.

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