We're back in China for our final month abroad! It's crazy how fast 2019 is going by!

Last week, Samuel and I flew down to Hong Kong for a few days. It was a longer trip than usual, so I was able to kick back and relax rather than rushing to get everything done. My mom even flew over to hang out with us for a few days, which is always nice. Overall, it was a wonderful trip, despite the political climate.

I've been in the strangest mindset lately, mostly getting stressed about moving and readjusting to life back home, the massive to-do list that I have to tackle once we're back, blog stuff, and of course, the endless unrest in Hong Kong. I'm trying to balance recovering at home and going out to see everything and all my friends one more time before we bid adieu to China.

On my mind and online:

1. Going down the rabbit hole

I've recently rediscovered my love of bunny rabbits, so much so that Samuel and I are discussing adopting one once we're back. I spent all day yesterday researching breeds and how to care for rabbits. I've never owned a pet (other than fish and mini turtles), so I'll be a first-time pet owner. If this works out, I'll be over-the-moon!

As you all probably know, I'm the biggest dog-lover, but as much as we want a dog, it wouldn't work out with our schedules and all the traveling that we do. It wouldn't be fair to our fur baby. Maybe one day when we're settled down, we can revisit this.

We've discovered that bunnies seem to show affection like dogs (which is my favorite thing about dogs!) but groom themselves fastidiously like cats (even more than cats, actually, making them very clean animals). They appear to be gentle and intelligent creatures. All this, coupled with my lack of experience with pets, quickly piqued my interest in getting a bunny.

When we're all settled down back home, I'd like to visit a bunny farm or a pet store to get a feel of how bunnies are and then take things from there. If any of you have any knowledge or experience with bunnies, please share any tips and advice with me. I have a good feeling about this!

2. The Jonas Brothers

We haven't been to a concert in ages, so I'm counting down the days until the Jonas Brothers concert in September! I never had a chance to attend any of their tours back in the late 2000's, so I'm making up for that now! I can't even put into words my excitement when news broke about them reuniting. I'm looking forward to seeing them live and jamming out to both their old classics and the new stuff!

3. Reese's THiNS

Since I do most of our grocery shopping, I'm in charge of deciding what meals we'll be eating and what snacks we'll have in the house. Try as I might, I can't recall why I was boycotting Hershey's for a few years. So our household was Hershey's-free for the better half of a decade -- I literally refused to buy anything that was manufactured by Hershey's. Flash forward to a few months ago, when my mom visited us in Singapore, she bought along a suitcase full of Easter treats, and of course, there were packages upon packages of Reese's Easter Eggs. It was then that I learned that Samuel is the biggest Reese's fan, so in short, boycott over.

Now that I think back, I've definitely gotten some Reese's treats for him in the years prior to my inexplicable boycott, so I knew that he enjoyed these peanut buttery goodies. But since he never specifically requested them whenever I made our grocery list, I never had the urge or the thought to purchase them. Last week, my mom brought over , and I wanted to share them because I personally really enjoyed them. Now, y'all are going to think I'm crazy, but sometimes, I find that the original cups can be too heavy or have more peanut butter than what I'm in the mood for. These new cups are a little more manageable for someone who isn't the biggest peanut butter fanatic and might not be able to consume an entire cup in one sitting. Samuel, however, is on team Reese's Eggs and wholeheartedly believes that the more peanut butter, the better. Either way, I highly recommend picking up a pack of these to snack on. these new Reese's THiNS cups

4. The Big Bang Theory

I've loved this show for many years, only binging random episodes here and there on Southwest flights. I finally found it on Netflix (Hallelujah!), and I've been slowly making my way through all available seasons. The characters are so lovable -- my favorites are Sheldon and Raj!

5. Where to go over Christmas and New Year's?

Samuel and I always spend Christmas in California, sometimes jetting off to Hawaii for the final days of the year. When I was little, my family and I used to spend some Christmases in Hong Kong. So while chatting about our travel plans for the rest of 2019, my mom had the brilliant idea of us going on a family vacation this holiday season, ideally somewhere tropical. I was all in. Our top picks are Hawaii or Mexico, as they're the closest to California. She tasked me with researching different resorts in Mexico (we've only visited Cabo once, so we're not that familiar), which is what I'll be diligently doing this week. If any of you have visited any cities or resorts in Mexico that you love, feel free to share them with me!

Since Samuel's family and my family live on different coasts, we split up the holidays so that we spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey and Christmas and New Year's in California. While I don't completely love the system that we have in place, it's what works right now. The issue I have with this split is that both our families celebrate Thanksgiving, but only mine celebrates Christmas, so I don't feel like we're really switching off on the "neutral holidays." What I think would be ideal would be to switch off Thanksgiving between our families, spend Hanukkah in Princeton (which we currently don't), and Christmas and New Year's with my family. But at the end of the day, it's not that big of an issue. I'm sure we'll figure out a better system down the line. Thinking about this has made me curious about other couples and families divide up holidays, so please share how you divide up the holidays between your families.

Fashion finds:

1. Sales happening this week:

Amazon: shop thousands of great deals on Amazon Prime Day (no code required)

Banana Republic: extra 50% off all sale items and 40% off full-priced items with code BRWIN

Bloomingdale's: extra 30% off sale items and extra 50% off clearance items (no code required)

GAP: extra 50% off select sale styles and extra 20% off purchase with code FORYOU

J. Crew: surprise sales happening all week long (new code daily) LOFT: 30-50% off almost everything (no code required)

Lord & Taylor: extra 40% off clearance and an extra 20% off sale full-price styles with code SUMMER

Macy's: 25% off with code JULY

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is starting this week! Cardholders can shop the sale early, from July 12th-18th. It'll be open to the general public from July 19th through August 4th, in stores and online. I'll try to put together a little post sharing my favorite items from this year along with staples that I always stock up on during the sale.

2. The weather was fickle in Hong Kong, so what better activity to do than shop? My mom and I browsed various stores around town looking for a new addition to my growing handbag collection. Amongst the hundreds of bags that we eyed, the contenders were: a breathtaking shimmery Lady Dior bag, my favorite Chanel vanity bag in a new color way, and this chic blush Capucines bag from Louis Vuitton. Given that I already own a Lady Dior and a vanity bag, I figured that the Louis Vuitton would be the perfect choice.

I don't usually gravitate towards bags that are open because I have this fear that people can just reach in and steal my phone, keys, wallet, etc. This bag does have a flap that's basically just as good as a zipper, as it keeps about 90% of the bag covered. In fact, I'm beginning to think it's more practical because you can easily reach in for things without having to deal with the hassle of a zipper.

The Capucines bag is LV's new classic bag, and for good reason. It's not one that's "in-your-face"; it's an elevated bag for the modern woman. I love that they've designed this bag with dozens of patterns, embellishments, and sizes so they will likely be one that suits you. This is my first LV bag, but I was so impressed with their selection and service that I think I'll be regularly popping in when I pass a store.

3. Summer is upon us and that means lots of beach and lake days! Here are some fun styles that have caught my eye:

4. A few more cute finds:

- I've wanted a pink pair of kitty flats for the longest time, and I just spotted these velvet ones that I must have!

- The Jackie dress is one of my favorite styles! I'm also loving this maxi dress and this midi dress!

- Transparent bags aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm curious enough to want to explore the trend, but not drop too much money on it. I've searched high and low for a style that would suit me, and so far, this one is my favorite.

- This dress screams Kate Spade, minus the price.

- I only own several coverups, and they more or less all look the same (oversized white button down). I have some dresses that could

double as a coverup, but I have mixed feelings about getting my regular dresses sandy or soaked in sand chlorine. I found this little

number that would be perfect for the beach and a casual dinner afterwards. I like that it's not solid colored, as most of my swimwear is

quite plain. It's flowy and the pom-pom accents are too cute!

That's it for this week! I've got a crazy week ahead -- lots of packing, cleaning out the apartment, and paperwork. Wish me luck!