Summer is just around the corner and I know everyone is looking forward to lounging by the pool or tanning on the beach. I know I am!

My essentials for a day by the water? Sunscreen, sunglasses, and of course, a fun swimsuit!

This bright yellow daisy one-piece from Kortni Jeane is exactly what I'm talking about! When it comes to swimwear, I like to keep the style simple and the patterns vibrant and playful. I like that most of their swimwear have a slight retro and vintage vibe, which makes it all the more unique.

I'm a one-piece kind of gal, but Kortni Jeane offers an impressive selection of tops and bottoms that you can mix and match to get your perfect suit! They're got everything from frilly tops to swim skirts, so there's truly something for everyone. I love that they even have matching swimwear for kids and men -- y'all know how much I love to match with Samuel whenever I can! They were sweet enough to send over a pair of swim trunks for Samuel, which he was so excited about!

I was tossing up between getting us matching suits in their adorable grapefruit print or something more subtle and complementary, like yellow flowers and light blue. We ended up going with the latter, but I'll definitely be going back to pick up matching ones for us!

I want to address the fits of our swimsuits a bit, since that's a key component to choosing swimwear. In total transparency, I typically go for swimwear that has extra support or some ruching for its contouring and slimming effects. While I am happy with my body, I won't turn down a little help to make me feel more confident and comfortable while being half-naked in public.

When I decided on the classic one-piece suit with no bells and whistles, I was curious to see how it would fit me. I was almost certain that it was going to accentuate every bit of extra fat I had on me, but to my surprise, it didn't. It hugged my body, sure, but not in a clingy way. I didn't find myself constantly tugging on it because it was creasing uncomfortably. There's a built-in bra, which I appreciated. It didn't offer very much support, perhaps because I ordered a larger size, but some support is better than none! For a simple suit, it was shockingly forgiving.

Samuel's swim trunks were lightweight and comfortable, so much so that he ended up wearing them the entire day as shorts. He found the fit in the crotch to be a tad tight when he'd sit, but otherwise, perfectly fine.

I can't tell you how many swimsuits from other brands that I have tried on that made me hate swimwear in general, all because I had a fuller bust or I had hips. Kudos to Kortni Jeane for offering such a large variety of cuts and styles for women of all shapes and sizes. I love that we can pick and choose pieces that'll make us feel and look good. As I was browsing their selection after spending half the day in my new swimsuit, I noticed that they don't offer swimwear that conceal or deceive, but rather quirky pieces that celebrate individuality and all body types. It's not often that customers have a say in what they want to cover, accentuate, etc. when it comes to swimwear, and Kortni Jeane is breaking barriers with endless customization options. We know our bodies best and Kortni Jeane is here to help us flaunt what we've got!

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