When we settle back in our home in August (we're in the home stretch here, people!), I need to jump right in to a project that I've been putting off for over a year. When I moved in, I majorly needed to redecorate all the common areas. I started out very enthusiastic and determined to redo everything that I had helped Samuel put together five years ago. You read that right, our current living quarters has not been updated in half a decade. Samuel moved into the house with several pieces of furniture and we spent a few days running around the city choosing pieces that were fitting for his home. Since we were nowhere near the stage of living together back then, I was focused only on finding furniture that suited him and his needs.

Of course, I'm kicking myself now for only helping him pick out furniture in dark shades. Don't get me wrong, he splurged for luxurious pieces that could easily last us another 5-10 years if we wanted, but the space is no longer reflective of him and definitely not of me. Separately, I still see potential for his current furniture, but together, it's a big matchy-matchy mess that is an eyesore.

While I can't bring myself to toss out all the furniture that we picked out back then (I'm the world's biggest hoarder and I get sentimental about everything), I'm hoping that we can repurpose some pieces. Perhaps we can refinish the bedroom furniture so it'll match our new look. Fortunately, we have a huge basement that Samuel uses as his office and if needed, could comfortably fit all the old furniture upstairs, which could double as a guest suite.

My main excuse for putting off this project when I moved in was that we had previously discussed moving into a bigger and better space. I was hesitant to put in so much time, effort, and money to revamp the house only to move and have to do it all over again. I strongly believe that decor isn't one-size-fits all, that it might work in one space but not another. I didn't want to start this project until we were in a more permanent situation. With that said, it might be a while longer until we even move (we haven't even stared looking for potential homes), let alone move back to California permanently (our end goal and my dream!), so I think it would be wise for me to make some little improvements here and there to make the space more live-able. I did manage to tackle the old guest bedroom and turn it into my closet space, complete with a shoe shelf, dresser, and clothing rack. It's now doubled as a storage room because random junk seems to follow where I go. I also added a small console table with little knick knacks and a chinoiserie stool by our entryway, which I think adds so much more personality to the room.

Samuel and I have agreed that we want a neutral palette incorporating lots of natural light. He seems pretty impartial to these looks that I've run past him, so I wanted to get your opinion.

When it comes to decorating, I'm someone who has a million and one ideas but zero clue on how to implement them. More than often, I find myself getting sidetracked and begin to mix things together. I'm still in the process of researching what design services I will need, and would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

Here are the looks that I'm gravitating towards -- it's just a matter of choosing one. There are some that I think I could fuse together, but I'd like to avoid making our home look like more of a hodgepodge than it already is. I want to make our home look as cohesive as possible. I put together little inspiration boards for each theme. As you can see, my mind is all over the place and I need to get reeled in. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I love the ornate details of Parisian architecture and decor. It's all so beautiful and who doesn't dream of living in a French chateau? As much as I'm crazy about all things French, I think I see us living in a space that is relaxing and cozy, so I'm kind of ambivalent about decorating our home like this. Of course, I wasn't thinking that we'd go all out and have everything dripping in gold. I'm worried that if we live in a space like so, it would feel pretentious and not homey. Try as I might, I can't seem to picture me and Samuel snuggled up on the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn in a space like this. When I'm at home, I want to be able to let loose, and not have to tip toe around the furniture because it's too delicate. I would love to incorporate some Parisian decor elements into our home though.

I'm from California, so this was one of the first looks that came to mind. The Bay Area isn't exactly known for their beaches like Malibu, but we do have our fair share of them. My parents frequently took me to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Carmel to enjoy the ocean (even though the waters were often times too cold). I've always had a soft spot for coastal decor, which was solidified after visiting Chatham and Martha's Vineyard. I find the bright whites and the peaceful blues and grey calming, which is exactly how I want to feel when I'm at home.

Speaking of New England, long before I even visited, I knew that I would be fond of the preppy traditional East Coast homes. It reminded me of the fun and bright coastal look that I love oh-so-much but more polished. I can definitely see ourselves lounging in a home like this. One of my favorite memories from my time in Massachusetts was a long-weekend spent at Chatham Bars Inn with my mom. That property served as major inspiration for this look -- it was welcoming, homey, warm, and cozy, even in brisk October. It should come as no surprise that when in doubt, I go for the classic choice, and I don't see how it can get any more timeless than a neutral palette with some natural and nautical touches.

I don't know if you know this, but originally, I had planned to move to New York after college. Obviously, things didn't pan out and my life took a different turn. Had I followed through with that, my ideal NYC apartment would've look a little like this. Post-college me probably would not have decorated my place anywhere close to this, but you know, a girl can dream! The Ritz by Central Park, The Plaza, and The Edition are my favorite hotels in New York, and you can definitely see some inspiration taken from them. I love how those places blend the glitziness and warmth of city living.

There you have it: a peek into my current thoughts on how to redecorate our home. I think it's safe to say that there's a lot of overlap in what I like and what I eventually need to have in our home (e.g. shelves around the fireplace). I'll be sure to keep y'all posted on this little project!