Amazon is a blessing and a curse. Whenever I have a spare moment, I either find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or adding a million and one things in my cart on Amazon. It's one or the other -- someone help me!

Usually, what I find arriving at my door are regrettable purchases (why did I order yet another stuffed hippo?) or something of the food variety. So after catching myself browsing Amazon once again, I decided to put together a post that details my favorite Amazon purchases. No, these aren't my must purchased items (which in a good thing, if you think about it -- these things last!) nor are they my go-to snack picks. These are practical things that I use almost on the daily and find myself raving about to myself, Samuel, or anyone who will listen. I hope this post will make your next Amazon spree a tad more productive.

1. Velvet hangers

I switched over to velvet hangers when I went to college. Seeing how tiny the closet in my dorm room was almost made me cry and I mulled over every single closet space maximizing method I could find. I settled on velvet hangers, a rod extender (which essentially doubles closet space), and hanging cubbies. I even convinced a few male classmates to agree to let me store my winter coats in their closets, but that's a story for another time! The most practical of my options, of course, were the hangers. Not only do they allow you to hang up so many more things, your clothes will no longer slip off. I don't know about you, but I used to get so annoyed finding random pieces puddled on the floor. With my velvet hangers, that is a thing of the past!

2. Hanger organizer

Now that you've got a new set of velvet hangers, it's time to figure out where to store them. Let's be honest, there's no more room on the rod, so will they end up on the floor or a random storage bin? How about this handy-dandy hanger organizer that'll keep all your hangers neatly stacked and will fit perfectly in the corner of your closet? Figuring out where to put my hangers has always been an issue. As I buy more and more clothes and require an abundance of hangers, this organizer has truly made life easier. No more random hangers lying around on chairs and the floor. I like that it doesn't take up much precious closet space and allows me to easily store and access hangers.

3. Dirt Devil vacuum

I bought this vacuum when I moved into my apartment and I was devastated when I had to part ways with it when I moved back to California. Why I didn't just toss it into the moving van like I did with my 30 or so towels is beyond me, but I actually totally forgot about this amazing vacuum until I moved in with Samuel back in 2017. He had an old clunky vacuum that smelled like dust that I refused to use, and while I was browsing the selection of fancy Dyson vacuums, I came across this old favorite of mine. Needless to say, I aborted my search for a high-end vacuum and happily added this $20 helper to my cart. It functions just as well as my old one. I love that it's a 3-in-1 vacuum, and honestly, at $20, you really can't get a better vacuum. Ladies, I am serious about household products and trust me on this, this vacuum is gold.

4. Hair towel wraps

I don't want to have to pick a favorite item on this list, but if I had to, if I only had $30 to spend and I already have a functioning vacuum, I would spend it on these hair towels. They are an absolute game changer. I ordered a pack when I was living in my dorm and I haven't looked back since. I can't even remember what I used to do with my sopping wet hair after my shower before I had these hair wraps. They're so convenient, just toss your hair up and let these towels soak up any and all excess water. While they won't completely dry your hair, if you like to air-dry like me, these'll certainly help facilitate it.

5. BIC lighters

I've collected candles since my college days, but I never lit them until three years ago. Why? I don't like matches. For some reason, having my hand that close to an open flame really freaks me out. And putting my hand into a half-burnt candle jar with a live flame an inch away from my hand? No, thank you. It wasn't until I was at a friend's house for a party one summer and I saw her whip out one of these lighters that I had a lightbulb moment. Sure, they're not as aesthetic as matches, but they're going in a drawer anyway, so really, who cares? It's nice that these lighters come in packs of multiples because I keep them tucked away wherever I have candles (which is everywhere!).

6. St. Ives face scrub

In 2016, my skin was wrecked. A little disclaimer: I've never ever had any skin issues whatsoever. I never went through an acne phase. I rarely break out. I can eat a bucket of fries and my face won't react. My skin just does its own thing and is usually quite clear. 2016 was not my year and I think all the stress sent my skin into overdrive. My face was legitimately disgusting. I was using all the face washes, masks, and creams under the sun, but nothing seemed to penetrate the scales on my face. My aunt actually bought this face wash for me after seeing how torn I was about my skin condition, and I've been using it ever since. I don't use it everyday -- I reserve it for when my face feels rough and needs a good exfoliation. I've found a handful of other exfoliation products that work really well for me now, too, but I think this product has a special place in my beauty arsenal.

7. Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel

I've got one more can't-live-without beauty product for y'all and it's a good one. I've shared this product a million times on my story and I always get a bunch of questions about it. If you don't like rougher face scrubs (like #6), I promise you you'll be obsessed with this product. It's a gel exfoliant that you rub into your skin. As you do so, dead skin rolls off in little balls and you're left with baby-soft skin. It's awfully disgusting and satisfying at the same time. I used to purchase this at Nordstrom, but I switched over to Amazon after discovering that it's about $20 less there (yayyy for better deals!).

8. Mophie battery

My mophie is my family and friends' unsung hero. I swear, they love to make fun of me for carrying a brick of a battery around, but they love how quickly it charges their phones. I can't go anywhere without my mophie in tow. They come in other sizes if you're not a phone addict like me, but in all honesty, the XXL really isn't that terribly large. If you're still hesitant on purchasing a mophie, let me set your worries aside by mentioning that I've had mine for four years and counting and it still works like a charm. Also, it's currently on sale for $60, down from $100, so I'd pick one up while it's such a steal!

9. Foam roller

I have my Equinox trainer to thank for this. Before working together with her, I had no idea about foam rollers (or anything related to fitness, to be honest). She was so adamant about me rolling out before and after our sessions that it's now ingrained in me. I even keep a foam roller at all of my family's homes, but I found a near-identical foam roller at a much lower price point that I use in our own home.

10. Massage balls My sorority sister introduced this item to me. After a long night out in 4" heels, she passed around these massage balls that transformed everyone's pain and complains into bliss and relaxation. If you've worn heels before, you know that your feel feel miserable by the time you kick them off. These magic balls feel like a professional foot-massage. I've used them after a long day of walking, too, and they're great, but you truly don't appreciate them fully until you've used them after wearing heels. My trainer also has me use these to relieve tension knots in my neck and shoulders, so this is an all-around wonderful addition to your mini home gym/stretching station.

There you have it, the best Amazon purchases I've made! All of these items have either significantly improved my life or made it easier and I wanted to share them with y'all. Have you ever purchased any of these products? Which ones are you curious to try out? I'd love to know some of your favorite purchases from Amazon!