Like it or not, fall is coming.

I'm from California, where fall isn't really that big of a spectacle. It gets a little cooler, but the seasons aren't that distinguishable. Growing up, no one ever expressed excitement over it being fall. But when I moved out East, everyone left and right would get so psyched about the change of seasons, something that I did not understand. When I experienced my very first "real" fall, I was not a fan.

Over the next few years, I grew to dislike it even more. To me, it felt like summer one day and winter the next, and the alternating weather was intolerable for me. I still get nightmares about dressing up in fall clothes only to rip everything off come noon. Once it started to cool down for good, I was able to embrace fall a little more. If I could wear a cozy sweater, leggings, and boots out and not feel like I was suffocating, then all was good.

Before we left for China, we had a taste of fall, with a lot of rain and even a few days in the 60s. It actually felt nice. Summer is still going strong here in China (definitely not complaining about that!), so the last thing I want to think about is warm clothing. But I wanted to put together a post with some trendy pieces and classic fall staples for those of you who have already begun shopping. Be sure to click through the widgets -- there are a lot of good finds!

Now trending:

The Wild West

Think: puffy sleeves and longer hemlines all in a range of floral and quilted patterns


Think: a new take on classic menswear

Bucket bags and oversized totes

Think: the more outlandish the better, and yes, size does matter

Fuzzy fur

Think: faux fur, sherpa jackets, teddy bear coats -- anything that'll make everyone want to cuddle you


The classics:


Can one have too many sweaters? I think not!

The bottom half

Whether you prefer leggings or jeans, these picks will keep you effortlessly warm well into winter

Other layers

Too warm for a coat, too cool without one -- I've got you covered!

Step it up

Your fall shoe game, that is

The finishing touches

What's fall without scarves and beanies?