Every once in a blue moon, I discover a new-to-me skincare brand that has the most game-changing products.

I'm all about testing out new beauty products. As my dad likes to say, "Try everything at least once. You never know if your new favorite thing might be out there." Of course, he was mainly talking about restaurants and food, but you get my (and his) point.

I'm usually game for experimenting with new products, just as long as they don't contain ingredients I'm allergic to. But as you all know, I've recently been pretty invested in finding more all-natural beauty products to replace my standard chemical-laden skincare and makeup products. I've made plenty of progress and have discovered some awesome brands, one of them being Farmacy.

I never expect a brand to be my one-stop-shop for all things skincare and makeup. It's too much to ask. In my mind, if they can perfect one product, then I'm a happy customer. Farmacy might just be the very first brand that has exceeded my expectations.

While the reviews of Farmacy's products were positive, I had to test them out to confirm. I tried one product after another, each one as consistently well-made, if not better, than the last. Everything worked as promised, and for once, I was satisfied with everything that I've tried from a single brand. I'd like to elaborate on what a huge feat that is. I'm incredibly picky, and if a product doesn't work out in any way whatsoever, it goes in the 'nay' pile. My skin in ridiculously sensitive: I've used products that are "all-natural" and found myself breaking out in hives from some allergic reaction. I could feel my skin soaking up all the Farmacy goodness and I most definitely reveled at the immediate results. Plus, I have some sort of freakish combination skin -- it'll go from oily to parched in a matter of hours. My Farmacy products tackled whatever skincare concerns I was having on any given evening, a task that not even my other trusty (and pricey) products can accomplish.

Here are few of the products that I've been using that I wanted to highlight in this blog post:

Clean Bee // Who doesn't like feeling squeaky-clean? I talked a little bit about this cleanser in this post, but in case you missed it, just know that this is the cleanser that I reach for when my skin is feeling its dirtiest. If I had to choose a favorite from this list, it would be this cleanser -- it's almost like a 3-in-1 product because it cleans, balances, and hydrates.

Honey Drop // If you've been following on my blog for a while, you probably know that there's nothing I abhor more than oily moisturizers. I hate how it feels on my skin. This moisturizer appeared thick and buttery, but in fact has a whipped soufflé-like texture that feels heavenly.

Green Screen // Sunscreen that isn't greasy? That's basically unheard of. I've used only several sunscreens in my lifetime that haven't gone on tacky. I have combination skin, and my t-zone can get insanely oily, so I really appreciate that this sunscreen won't contribute to increased oiliness.

Honey Butter // Raise your hand if you have a dozen lip balms open and scattered everywhere. I'm definitely guilty of this -- I have several in my bag at all times, in my nightstand, and in virtually every room. I'm also quite positive that I've tried every single lip balm under the sun. Over the years, I've found two, maybe three, lip balms that worked for me. I suffer from chapped lips year-round, but especially in the winter. How I wish I had this lip balm when I lived on the East Coast. While most lip balms are only good enough and temporarily soothe the dryness, this one really works to hydrate. It's not just a stick of wax, like many others are, and it's not annoyingly glossy. I love that my lips feel silky smooth after the product absorbs.

Bright On // I love face masks. Basically, I love anything that makes me feel clean, hence me constantly raving about cleansers and lightweight moisturizers. This color-changing mask does a perfect job detoxing and toning, and my skin always looks so bright after I wash it off.

Honeymoon Glow // This is my newest Farmacy product, if you can even call if that. It's actually a magic eraser that rids your skin of virtually all imperfections. You'd might think I'm kidding, but I'm completely serious. I have been struggling with dryness all summer, and most recently, little blemishes on my forehead. A week into using this serum, my skin has been renewed and all those problems are a thing of the past (hopefully!). I'd 100% recommend this product if you're in need of something that'll turn your skin around.

I've had so much fun testing out these new finds from Farmacy, and I can't wait to see what other amazing products they come out with next!

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