The wait is over -- I've found the perfect fall floral dress!

This dress is a wrap dress, something that I usually won't go near. I'm not stick-thin, so whenever I wear wrap dresses, I feel like my curves are emphasized, and that doesn't make me feel comfortable. After much prodding from my mom to try it on, I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked. It's not your run-of-the-mill wrap dress. In fact, it's not even much of a wrap dress -- just a beautifully designed midi dress that is incredibly flattering and forgiving.

I usually shy away from darker colors because a) I don't like them, and b) they don't look good on me. I'm pretty fair-skinned with dark hair, so I find that darker colors just wash me out. I found this dress incredibly flattering on so many levels, so of course I had to bring it home with me.

Little feminine details, such a ruffles and lace, are my kryptonite. And the dress's twirl factor is crucial -- if I can twirl in it, it's basically guaranteed that I'll buy it. The light layers of this dress create a romantic feel.

Both my sandals and bag are old news, but fear not, they are still available! I wanted neutral accessories for this outfit. My straw bag was such a good buy (only $50!) and it goes with everything. The light blue detailing brought out the faint blue leaves on the flowers. The sandals ended up adding a hint of blush, which I think complimented all the navy and white in the dress.

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