It's no secret I love Kate Spade dresses. They usually hit it out of the park with their beautiful silhouettes and prints. So after a disappointing July release from Kate Spade, I didn't have my hopes up for their August collection. I was thrilled to have found this rosy gem and thought it would make for a lovely addition to my wardrobe.

While I don't shy away from prints or outstanding colors, I tend to gravitate towards solid-colored dresses because I find them to be much more versatile. This Kate Spade dress has some eyelet detail, adding some interest, while the flutter sleeves make this dress unapologetically feminine.

​Obviously, I didn't need another dress, but since dresses and workout clothes are the only things I wear regularly, my purchase was justified, right? Unfortunately for my wallet, I lack self control and basically buy everything that I fall in love with. I think I have easily amassed upwards of 600 dresses over the past few years, even though I try my very best to clean out my closets and donate unwanted items every other month. I've seriously been considering bringing back closet cleanout. It got very stressful to keep up with all the emails and shipping last year. I couldn't juggle everything that came along with this, but especially the nasty messages that people thought would be acceptable and appropriate to send me -- I felt like I was borderline getting harassed. But I really do love sharing with my readers and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Any thoughts?

These adorable Paul Green sandals were a gift from my mom. Is it just me, or is my mom killing it with her gifts? I love the white pair, too, and I think it would pair perfectly with innumerable dresses. Most of my shoes don't pack a punch -- I tend to keep my footwear simple. I know these sandals aren't a bold statement option, but I adore the dainty pearl details and the flowers.

Over the past year, I've experimented with plenty of straw bags, as you can see here, here, and here. By now, I've pretty much narrowed down certain shapes and sizes that I love, this being one of them. For the most part, I prefer structured bags. Floppy bags that collapse as soon as I set them down annoy me so much. But I love circle bags, which poses a dilemma. So, as you can imagine, I was beyond pleased to have come across this circle straw bag that is sturdy and won't roll away. It looks like a larger straw version of my favorite Mansur Gavriel bag.

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