Today's topic is all-natural beauty. Over the years, I've been converting to natural and organic beauty products. The more I learn about what parabens and chemicals typical beauty products consist of, the more I want to jump ship. I tried quitting cold turkey, but I just ended up purchasing a ton of random natural products that didn't do a thing for me. It was a total waste of money. Now, I like to do my research and experiment with products, and I'm slowly but surely finding good substitutes for old favorites.

This isn't to say that I'm abandoning common drugstore and department store beauty products (you can read about those favorites here). I doubt that I'll be able to find a dupe as good as my holy grail La Mer cream or my hair masks, but I'm certainly trying my best to limit exposure to as many harmful ingredients as possible.

Below are some of my tried and true all-natural beauty products.

Farmacy cleanser // I probably have half a dozen cleaners on the counter at any given minute. I don't have a cleanser that's multi-purpose; I like to have a designated product for whatever skin concern I'm dealing with at the moment. This cleanser is my go-to when I've had on a full face of makeup on and want to make sure my skin is clean, hydrated, and balanced.

Arcona toner pads // While I don't really use these when I'm at home, I love to travel with these. I get ridiculously lazy about skincare when I'm traveling -- I literally use these toner pads and then slap on some moisturizer. After trying a handful of toner pads that had little to no product, it was a nice change to use these well-saturated pads that deliver invigorating vitamins that my skin craves.

Herbivore bath salts // Yes, it's quite pricey for bath salts, but I feel like I'm soaking in a tub filled with flower petals. I can't speak to whether or not it detoxes; it certainly is heavenly after a vigorous workout and I just need to relax my sore muscles and clear my mind.

Andalou face mask // I reach for this face mask before photoshoots and events to help my skin look its best. My face feels brightened and tightened (such a weird feeling to put into words) after this mask. It's amazing -- give it a try!

Andalou serum // I call this my summer serum (because it smells like the beach), but I actually use it year-round. Whenever my skin feels like it needs a little extra moisture, this serum does the trick.

Arcona mask // I fell for this product a long time ago because of how soft my skin is post-mask. I love it when I see or feel products working their magic. I'm a fan of how this mask tingles and cools.

Tata Harper eye cream // I actually bought this eye cream for Samuel, since he has trouble with his dark circles. I borrow some every now and then, and I've noticed that it does a fabulous job keeping the eye area plump.

Context mask // I was sent this product to try out, and I ended up loving it. I'm now on my second jar. Once in a while, especially after traveling, my skin feels filthy, which is when I whip out this detox mask. I leave it on for a few minutes and once I wash it off, it almost feels as if all the gross stuff was sucked out of my skin. It makes me feel like a whole new person!

Andalou mask // I have to admit, I prefer sheet masks to other types of masks. I love to use this at night to unwind after a nice hot shower. It smells absolutely divine, and it's such a nice treat for my skin.

Deep Steep scrub // There are so many weak exfoliants out there, so I was delighted when I found this sugar scrub. It's rough enough to slough away all the dead skin, but is also creamy to keep your skin silky smooth.

Herbivore mist // I used to think that face mists were a total scam until I tried this one. I like to spray some on prior to moisturizing, but it's also perfect for a mid-day refresher.

Juice Beauty cleanser // This is the best cleanser out there if your skin is feeling extremely dry. It literally feels like washing your face with thick lotion-y milk and it feels so incredibly nice. My skin feels more restored afterwards.

I'm having so much fun immersing myself in the all-natural beauty world. There's plenty more to discover, of course, but I've been delighted with the products that I've found. I hope you're able to try out a few of my favorites or seek out some of your own.

If you know me, it'll come as no surprise that I like to stock up on products that I love. While cleaning out my beauty cabinet, I realized that I have way too many extras, way more than any woman would ever need. And knowing myself, I'm certain that I will find and purchase more new products and forget about my stock, therefore wasting them.

I haven't quite figured out how many beauty packages I can put together with my extras, and they definitely won't be identical, but if you're interested in one, leave a comment down below, and I'll be sure to enter you into the drawing for one!