Happy 4th of July! I hope y'all are having a wonderful day soaking up the sunshine, enjoying some good barbecue with friends and family, and watching spectacular fireworks!

My parents were in town last weekend, which is always so much fun, especially since they love to keep their visits surprises! Since this wasn't their first time in our new-ish town, we revisited some old favorites and tried out some new restaurants.

In true mom and dad style, they brought over two suitcases filled with presents for me and Samuel along with half a dozen of Sprinkles cupcakes. One of my favorite things that they got me is this dress (and it's now under $50!). I've been wearing it nonstop since receiving it.

Blue and white is a classic summer combo. You really can't go wrong with stripes either. Put them together and you've got yourself the perfect casual summer dress. My favorite part about this dress are the rope straps -- they're such a fun detail!

Coincidentally, my mom purchased this dress from Prana, which is a brand that I know and love. I discovered Prana a few years ago, and I own a lot of workout gear by Prana, all of which have held up with the constant wear. One thing that has kept me going back to brand is of course, the high quality of their goods, but also their mission to produce sustainable clothing. You can read more about their story here. This post is not sponsored; I just think it's very cool what they're doing whilst making some pretty awesome clothes!

I don't typically seek out companies that emphasize on responsible production, but Prana has certainly opened up my eyes a bit. So far, they're the only brand that I buy (that I know of) that manufactures with such high criteria to ensure quality and ethical products.

Clothing that makes you look good and feel good -- can it get any better?

I do admit: I fall victim to fast fashion, especially as someone who writes a fashion blog. I'm all about the new and trendy. But I sincerely hope that the fashion industry begins to take a turn for the better and follow in Prana's footsteps.

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