Summer is, hands down, my favorite season. It's been that way forever. I love it for different reasons now than when I was a kid, but everything is still just as carefree and fun in the summertime. The only downside is sunburns and mosquito bites, but I love every other little bit of the season.

As someone who would absolutely, no question, wear dresses every single day if I lived somewhere with pleasant weather year-round, being able to throw on a dress every day for a few months is enough to make me happy. As you all know, I'm a fan of easy and flowy dresses -- they're what I'm the most comfortable in. I picked up this Kate Spade crochet dress a few weeks ago, and I love how relaxed it is. I plan on using it as a bathing suit cover up when we head to the beach this summer.

I remember being obsessed with crochet when I was in high school -- I picked up dozens of tops and dresses that were so delicately knit, but for whatever reason, moved on to something else. So glad to see that this trend is (perhaps?) making a comeback this summer. Maybe I can even dig up some of my old pieces to wear!

Another great item that I'll be bringing along with me to the beach is this Barrington Gifts bag. You want to hear something surprising? I didn't get my very first monogrammed item until 2016, and I monogrammed it wrong (yikes!). I've picked up a few more personalized item since then, but I was so excited to finally get a new monogrammed tote bag.

This bag is the perfect size and is structured enough that it won't annoyingly fall over whenever you set it down (a pet peeve of mine). They offer endless options for customization, but I went with something simple. Since most of my bags are very neutral, I picked the butterfly print to brighten things up.

I love that this bag serves as an all-purpose bag. It's not too fussy for the beach, yet not too casual for the office.

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