Several weeks ago, Samuel and I flew to Hong Kong for a long weekend with my parents. It was a rather spontaneous trip, which left me with little to no time to pack. Thankfully, I had this beautiful gingham Elizabeth McKay dress waiting for me in California.

This is my very first dress from the brand, but certainly not my last. The ladies over there were kind enough to gift me this gorgeous piece, which I'll surely be wearing all through summer. The first thing I noticed was the quality. I didn't even have to put it on to appreciate the sturdy fabric, something that is insanely rare in this world filled with clothes made of flimsy and cheap material.

But most importantly, the fit of the dress was spot on. As I've complained time and time again, shirt dresses are tricky. One minute you're happily skipping along, and the next, you're flashing the entire world. This dress did not pop open a single time, and we were running all over the city, so that's a huge plus in my book!

Because this was such a short trip, I limited myself to more practical items -- items that I could take pictures in and be comfortable wearing for the entire day. This meant that I exclusively packed sneakers to wear with all my dresses. This was a first for me, as I always opt for cute sandals.

After over a year of struggling with knee and hip pain, I finally went to see a physical therapist to get everything squared away. She dismissed me the week of our trip, but I wasn't about to let cute footwear be the cause of more pain. I picked up these Toms espadrille sneakers (now on sale!) back in March and I absolutely love them. They're my favorite pair of sneakers to wear with dresses -- the mesh lace material is a nice girly touch!

Needless to say, I think the dress and sneakers combo has really been working for me. It's cute and functional and ideal for traveling.

There's a 15 hour time difference between California and Hong Kong, so even though this is a trip that I've made countless times since I was an infant, jet lag is still inevitable. We took advantage of that and were able to grab some old-fashioned breakfast at Tiffany's Restaurant. This restaurant is nothing fancy and looks like it's stuck in the 1960s, but it's a very special spot for my family. It was one of my grandpa's favorite spots to grab breakfast and read the paper, his favorite way to start off his mornings. So even though the place isn't at all fancy and the food isn't the greatest, we still like to visit for nostalgic reasons.

After a leisurely morning, we took a taxi over to Central to walk along the pier, taking in Kowloon. We spent the day shuffling between Kowloon and Hong Kong, grabbing a snack in SoHo, then afternoon tea at The Langham, and finding ourselves still wandering Nathan Road at 11 PM. We wouldn't usually squeeze in so much while we're in Hong Kong, but I was insistent on making the most of all our time.

I've received a massive influx of Hong Kong-related questions, so I'm working on a travel guide for you all! More on our Hong Kong adventures and outfits soon!

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