ONE // My mom and I discovered Charbonnel et Walker chocolates when we were in London and we've been hooked ever since. Her favorite truffles are the milk chocolate salted caramel, so whenever I spot them, I pick up a box for her. I'm in love with their beautiful packaging, and they make for such great gifts.

TWO // I own several of these bags, and after my mom mentioned that all her bags are either black, beige, or white, I knew that she would gladly welcome a smaller, more colorful addition. My Sam bags have become my everyday bags -- they're the perfect size for carrying everything I need (wallet, keys, phone, etc.).

THREE // My mom has been using this body wash for years and it's in my body wash rotation, too. It's the most delicately scented gel that I don't think anyone could possibly dislike.

FOUR // Capri Blue recently sent me several candles, and this one was hands down, my favorite. It's their most popular scent, and I can totally see why! It took my forever to put my finger on it, but it's the scent that they burn in Anthropologie stores.

FIVE // I used to buy perfume everywhere I went, so I've amassed a fairly large collection. I keep my favorites on my dresser, and this is one of them. While she doesn't like to admit it, my mom sneaks a few sprays every now and then. I know a scent is good when I get her stamp of approval because she is the pickiest when it comes to fragrances. She has very bad allergies, so it takes something special for her to make an exception.

SIX // My parents have unfinished hardwood floors in their house. While I love the lighter and rustic look, we have to be super careful when walking around barefoot. We each have several pairs of slippers that we wear to prevent any accidental splinters (yikes!). My mom loves her UGG slippers because they are the most cozy things ever!

SEVEN // Who doesn't love Sugarfina? If I'm ever gifting candy that isn't chocolate, you can bet that it's Sugarfina -- I'm obsessed with their Lilly Pulitzer collaboration!

EIGHT // I get my mom a new phone case every few months because somehow, she bangs them up pretty badly. Kate Spade makes really fun and protective cases that are always a hit!

NINE // My mom has practically taken over our little home theater. Her favorite thing to do to relax is cuddling up in the UGG throw that I got her for Christmas with a cup of tea and her favorite snacks.

TEN // My parents are coffee snobs. My dad's favorite souvenirs are locally roasted coffee beans. I gifted them this coffee maker a few years ago, but they might be due for an update, don't you think?