I’m so excited about all of Kate Spade’s spring dresses! I’ve already purchased three in the past few weeks (see this post and this post), and I’ve been eyeing their newest releases.

This tulip dress wasn’t what I was expecting. I loved the split sleeve and the keyhole slit-neckline — lots of vintage vibes there. It’s so fascinating to me how fashion just goes full circle. When my grandma saw this dress, she said that she owned something like it when she was younger. I love how what’s old is new again.

I most recently wore this ladylike dress out to brunch with my parents and I received a handful of complements. Now, I'm not someone who needs constant approval from other people, but I think it's so nice when strangers come up and tell me that they love something that I'm wearing. Sometimes, I spend too much time agonizing about what to wear. It's such a silly thing when I say it out loud, but it happens.

I love planning outfits -- it's like a fun puzzle to me. I try not to be repetitive and wear the same kinds of things because that can get really boring really fast. As someone who has always gravitated towards simpler and classic things, I need to actively remember that it's ok to go bolder and bigger sometimes; fashion is supposed to be fun and expressive, and experimentation is 100% encouraged! But when I find myself falling back on plainer styles, complements are a kind reminder that my style isn't as jaded as I might think.

I bought these Louise et Cie sandals last spring (last seen here), and they're on major sale right now for under $60! They're an elevated spring sandal that pairs well with plenty of outfits.

I’ve been collecting straw bags since last spring, and this is my latest addition. It’s very similar in style to my round wicker bag, except for the handle, which allows me to wear it in a different way. I wasn’t sure about the straw bag trend at first, but I do love the texture that it adds to an outfit.

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