February is one of my favorite months. It's on the cusp of spring (warmer weather!), and just thinking about it puts me in the best mood. A little-known fact about me: Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine. While most people peg February 14th as just a silly consumer holiday, I love everything that it stands for: spreading love!

I've put together some of my favorite items that I’ve been enjoying and a few that I’ll be gifting:


ONE // I've featured this perfume on here before, but I love it so much I wanted to share it again. I'm very picky with perfumes and I only wear a select few that I've discovered over the years. I gravitate towards fruity, floral, and romantic scents, and I don't think it gets better than Chloé's Eau de Parfum. The story behind how I discovered this scent is a funny one: I was getting irritating reactions from the scented deodorant sprays that I had been using. One day, while I was shopping prior to a training session, I caught a whiff of this scent and layered on a few spritzes on top of my favorite deodorant "base", and I've been doing this ever since. The staying power is phenomenal and I still manage to smell like roses after an intense workout (people always ask me what deodorant I use!). I know it seems like a waste to use perfume on top of deodorant, but I've yet to find a better smelling and lasting alternative.

TWO // I don't yet own this beauty, but I'd love to get my hands on it! Miu Miu is one of my favorite brands -- I love all their glitzy feminine designs. I'm obsessed with how their products are all unapologetically glam without coming across as outlandish.

THREE // After years of trying out different nail polish brands, Chanel has become my go-to. Their polishes are top quality; they don't chip or peel easily. This shade is the perfect hue of pink -- it's not too sheer or bold.

FOUR // I believe that every woman should own at least two pairs of heels: black and nude. I purchased these nude pumps in Paris a few years ago and they are one of my greatest investments to date. I find myself reaching for them all the time. It's true what they say: Christian Loubiton sure knew how to make flattering shoes.

FIVE // Samuel and I don't really drink. We're that odd couple that drinks water instead of wine when we go out. I discovered this fun alternative to alcohol a few years ago during afternoon tea in New York. It's become one of my favorite beverages, especially around Valentine's Day, since it reminds me of our trip.

SIX // I purchased this necklace when I was in high school and wore it every single day for years. It's one of my favorite jewelry items to gift because it's personal and inexpensive. I've gotten this necklace for so many people, all of whom loved them.

SEVEN // I don't wear very much jewelry, but when I do, I only like dainty and delicate pieces. I fell in love with this ring when I saw it. Not only is it a gorgeous piece, but it's something that can be worn daily, mixed and matched with other items.

EIGHT // Diptyque's roses candle is one of my favorite candles, so I was stoked when this gorgeous limited edition candle was released. Though I didn't purchase one for myself, I bought one for my friend's birthday, and apparently, she burns hers all the time.

NINE // I have to admit: I don't get the obsession with pajamas. I'm more of a t-shirt and shorts kind of gal. But if you're into PJs, I recently purchased this pajama set for my cousin, and it was a hit.

TEN // When I was in London two years ago, I tried Charbonnel et Walker truffles for the first time, and my life has not been the same since. If you haven't yet tried their chocolates, order some ASAP! They literally just melt in your mouth and each little truffle packs so much flavor. The strawberry truffles and the salted caramel truffles are truly heavenly.