Hello from the tundra -- not really, but it sure feels like it. This month, I'm all about stocking up on things that'll keep me nice and toasty.

I'm counting down the days until spring (45 days), but until then, you'll find me wrapped up in some of my favorite picks:


ONE // I've never properly invested in a solid winter coat because I never felt or had the need to. But recently, I experienced the coldest temperatures of my life, so I finally sprung for this coat. It's easily my best winter investment to date. I know I'll be wearing this year over year and when we go on winter adventures.

TWO // I purchased these boots last Christmas when we were discussing a trip to someplace snowy, which never happened, but I'm making use of them now. They keep my feet comfortably warm and dry.

THREE // I own a few Burberry scarves and they are some of my favorite accessories. The cashmere ones are luxuriously soft and do a perfect job of keeping the cold out. I just added this red one to my collection and I love how seasonal it is.

FOUR // I got these speakers for Samuel's birthday, but I've been hogging them lately. I rarely leave the house now (because I'm a wimp and I hate the cold), so I constantly use these speakers to blast music to accompany me. We are huge fans of Bose -- my dad was the one who got everyone hooked. He purchased similar speakers which he totes all around the house. Everyone has a pair or two of the best noise-cancelling headphones. And I'm pretty sure when we move and settle down, I'd love to have a full Bose speaker system installed!

FIVE // When I first moved to the East Coast, I brought my favorite UGG throw with me. It's so cozy -- perfect for wrapping yourself up in and carrying on with your day, which was exactly what I did. I bundled myself up in this to go to class, and I must've left it there, because my throw was never to be found. I immediately ordered a new one, and we now have several just lying around the house. They make wonderful gifts, too!

SIX // Another winter item that I never knew I would need were hand warmers. I don't like to wear gloves because I feel like they get in the way of everything, but on the other hand, I didn't particularly enjoy getting frostbite. I was deciding between purchasing a bulk case of disposable hand warmers or an electronic one. I ended up going with the electronic option, as it's the more sustainable option. Plus, it has USB ports, so it doubles as an external battery.

SEVEN // Even though it's cold out, we do go out. And believe it or not, people still dress up regardless of the freezing temperatures, in which case I turn to my trusty tights to keep me fashionably warm. I used to just pick up random $10 pairs of tights only to have them rip or only last three washes, so I was so glad to have discovered Commando. They make the best tights I've ever worn.

EIGHT // I love giant tote bags that hold everything I could possible need and more. In the winter, I always switch to one of my MZ Wallace bags to keep my belongings dry in the rain or snow. But I use them year-round as gym bags, travel bags, etc. I like that the bags come with smaller pouches to keep all my stuff organized.

NINE // I've had these earmuffs/headphones since college and they're a lifesaver. I'm not a fan of beanies, but needed a way to keep my ears warm, so my mom got me these fluffy earmuffs. They double as headphones, which was perfect for when I had to walk to class in the snow.