It's rare that I fall in love with an outfit that's already been put together, like on mannequins and displays. Believe it or not, I purchased these pieces separately, with no intention on wearing them in unison. Until I saw it paired together online, that is.

Discovering a new-to-me brand is just about the most exciting shopping experience for me. I'm not sure how, but all along, I was under the impression that Lafayette 148 was a brand geared more towards middle-aged women. Perhaps it is, but I've since learned that it's more important to focus on separate pieces versus the brand's entire image.

This skirt was a bit of a splurge, but I just had to have it. It reminded me so much of Monet's artwork. Another thing that I love about this skirt is that it has a multitude of colors, meaning I could pair it with virtually any solid top.

In an effort to branch out from the pinks and blues that I typically wear, I picked up this yellow tie top. I plan on wearing it plenty this summer with an assortment of shorts.

Kate Spade has been on top of their game with their releases this year. I swear, every time I pass by their store, I see something too cute to pass up. Just the other day, this bag caught my eye and subsequently came home with me.

I have been trying to expand my wardrobe with things that are more appropriate for every day wear. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, which is why I'd rather invest in higher-quality goods. But those aren't necessarily the things I'd want to wear out on the daily and potentially ruin. I've had a lot of luck building up my new closet, including bags that I wouldn't mind getting scratched up nearly as muchand shoes that are more disposable.

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