I know it's been a while, but I'm fully back on the Lilly train!

For the past several releases, I have been completely unfazed. I have never left a Lilly store empty-handed, but on my last visit to my favorite New York store, I left with nothing.

When I saw this midi dress, I already knew that it would be one of my favorite pieces from the spring and summer collections, even though they're not all out yet. It's a unique style that I've never seen from Lilly. This print is a lot like the ones that I know and love, and I'm so glad Lilly hasn't lost its touch.

This silk frock is my quintessential summer dress -- it feels so luxurious on and it blows in the wind beautifully.

I have been wearing these sandals almost exclusively since I got them for our Vegas trip. I could not believe how cushioned they were! They took a second to get used to -- they are slide sandals, after all -- but these are easily the best spring shoe purchase by far!

After my recent exposure to horses, I am now smitten with these majestic creatures, so we visited the stables so I could see some more. This was our first time on these premises, and it looked like a movie set. There were trainers taking horses out on walks and right inside, horses were relaxing and getting groomed. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I made friends with this fella immediately.

The staff was kind enough to let us play with a few more horses, and my day was made!

Now I'm really wishing that my parents had enrolled me in an equestrian class when I was younger, just like my mom when she was little. What do you think: is it too late to ask for a pony for my birthday?

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