Back in January, Samuel and I were planning a short March trip and we were tossing up between Toronto, Las Vegas, D.C., or Chicago. Vegas won by a landslide simply because of the abundance of restaurants and activities and the warmth. We visited Vegas together a few years ago and combed through a chunk of the hot spots, so this time around, we wanted to venture off The Strip for something a little out of the ordinary.

We woke up early in the morning to fuel up at Eggslut. I've read about this place and it has quite the internet following. I'm actually a pretty picky eater, so it's really challenging to eat out, especially when traveling. But there's one food that's usually easy to find for me to eat: eggs. I love them. We ended up ordering the Slut, the Fairfax, and several biscuits -- they were magnificent! I wouldn't mind if they opened up a location right in my hometown. There's one in Los Angeles, too, which I'd definitely like to visit on a quick weekend trip.

We spent Saturday afternoon on horseback trotting through the desert with Cowboy Trail Rides. I've had no prior experience -- the closest I've ever been to a horse was during carriage rides. Naturally, I was a bit intimidated, even though the horses were incredibly sweet and tame.

Excuse the mediocre photos: it was our first time riding and we were more preoccupied with staying on the horse than snapping photos!

I hadn't spent much time off The Strip on previous visits, so seeing the desert landscape was incredible.

We booked a private ride so we could enjoy the experience with just us, but this would be such a fun activity to do with friends in the future.

My horse, Dollar, and Samuel's horse, Dunny, were such great sports! While mine followed obediently behind the horse in front, Dunny would wander off frequently to eat!

We had such an amazing time riding around the desert with the horses! I'd love to do this again soon.

For outdoor activities, I've discovered that these Lilly tops work really well. I tend to purchase the cotton t-shirts -- they're so much nicer to wear on vacation than a workout top!

I almost always bring a backpack with me on every trip, just in case. I purchased this pink backpack a few weeks ago, and I've been using it non-stop. I usually have several tote bags that I use for the gym, work, etc., but to be perfectly honest, I prefer backpacks. Sometimes all the uneven weight that comes with using tote bags really screws up my shoulders. This backpack is practical and spacious. Best of all, for every backpack sold, the company gives a backpack to a child in need. I love supporting companies that give back!

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