Ever since I was a little girl, pink and white has been my favorite color combo, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I like experimenting with other color schemes, too, but I've never discovered one that I love as much as pink and white.

For the past few months, I've been on the lookout for a pink pleated midi skirt, but only came across ones that were too intricate or way over budget. Funny thing is, when you're not looking, you'll find whatever you set out searching for. In my case, this pink skirt appeared before my eyes after I gave up my search. Aside from the fabulous fit and shimmery hue, it's under $100!

While putting together this outfit, I realized that almost all the shoes I own are black. I honestly don't even know how that's the case, as I'm always wearing light colors. So, in a pickle, I went to Nordstrom as a last-ditch effort to find shoes that would match this outfit. Lo and behold, I found these sandals in a soft neutral shade. These summery sandals are so stylish and comfortable. I am thrilled with the abundance of block heel sandals this season! I'm also lusting after these nude flats, these pumps, and these dressy sandals that are currently sitting in my shopping bag.

Samuel gifted me this clutch in pink, but as much as I want to wear it every singe day, I'm saving it for a momentous special occasion. Instead, I found a very similar clutch that'll tide me over in the meantime. Naturally, the pink lace and the statement crystal flower sealed the deal for me.

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Joie top

CHELSEA28 skirt

Louise et Cie sandals

Glint clutch (purchased in store, similar here)