Ah, yellow, the unofficial color of summer. The season of long days and short nights is near, and as we approach warmer weather, I've kicked off my search for the perfectly curated summer wardrobe, including lots of whites, blues, and yellows.

Shopping for a yellow dress is quite the challenge. It's an incredibly difficult color to pull off. I try to avoid pale and bright yellows at all costs, but I just found this flowy lemon-hued dress adorned with the tropical print irresistible.

I admit, I still don't think it's my color, but I sure like it!

You all know that I love my florals, but after a while, they do all tend to look the same. This RED Valentino one stands out from the pack with its vintage touches. I find the subtle colors to be a nice change from my typical almost-neon dresses. And the maxi length is something that I have been obsessed with lately. The silhouette is so ladylike and elegant.

These sandals were made to be worn with this dress. The details, from the scallop strap right down to the golden yellow flowers, go hand in hand with my new frock. I'm also all about the block heel -- they give me a lift without compromising on balance and comfort. I have been exceptionally impressed with Tory Burch's latest releases following their rebranding. Their items undoubtedly have more character, which is what drew me to the brand in the first place, so that's a step in the right direction.

This bag is also something not to be missed. I originally spotted this style in saffron, but figured that I wouldn't get very much use out of it. This was what set me off to search for a beautiful new yellow dress to wear with the cognac bag, a shade that I know will go well with most anything.

I own a decent number of Kate Spade bags -- they're great quality, classic styles, and reasonably priced. My new bag is made from a soft luxurious pebbled leather, and I must say: this is one of my favorite Kate Spade bags that I own.

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