Let's talk loungewear. It's the second most common outfit you'll ever catch me wearing, if I'm not in workout clothes. Whenever I'm spending the day at home, I love to just keep my pajamas on and throw on a snuggly Wildfox sweatshirt. I've been collecting Wildfox sweatshirts for years, and I think they just get better and softer the more I wear them.

This past weekend, I decided to ditch the crowds and do some reading and housekeeping instead. I picked up this book earlier last year for a seminar project, forgot about it, and it has been collecting dust ever since. I'm so glad I finally got around to flipping through it. It touches on the history of all things we consider as classic wardrobe staples -- such an interesting read -- and it's been giving me plenty of ideas on how to redo my bedroom. Interesting how just keeping my eyes open has given me so many more ideas for work, fashion, decorating, etc.

I'm currently in the process of redecorating a few rooms, starting with my bedroom. Though I haven't made as much progress as I'd like -- finding the right pieces takes time -- I have loaded up on design inspiration. I'm going for a calm bedroom with lots of neutral pieces that I could reuse, if I ever redecorate, and some luxe feminine accents (read: pink and gold) to bring more personality into the room. I've been telling my interior designer that I want this room to look like the hotel room of my dreams.

I think we've got some great new pieces so far: the dresser and the pink chair. I actually came across this dresser when I stopped by One King's Lane's studio in San Francisco a few months back. The in-house designer pulled up several elegant dressers for my consideration, and I just loved the little distressed details on this wooden piece. As for the chair, I was telling my parents how much I needed a giant pink reading chair, and a few days later, this showed up in my room! I placed it right by my well-loved dresser, right by the door for a good dose of natural light -- perfect for reading!

The most painful part of redecorating is how mismatched my room looks in the process. I've got one corner with all my new things and another wall with old furniture against it. If I could, I would order everything right away so my room would look polished and opulent.

I hope to find a few more furniture items soon that I'll love and will fit the overall feel of the room. But once everything is all completed, I will be sharing it here. I can't wait to share with you all!

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