I think I'm drawn to fashion so much because I associate each piece I own with a memory. I do this more with clothes than I do with anything else -- scents, music, etc. That's why I have such a hard time cleaning out my closets: I can't part ways with the shirt that I wore on my first day of college or the sandals that I wore to the CMA Fest or the scarf that I purchased while in Paris. I find myself getting emotionally attached to my clothes because each item holds a special place in my heart.

I still remember my very first Rebecca Taylor purchase. I was in Hong Kong with my parents and we passed by an elegantly furnished store with beautiful clothes arranged ever so neatly. My mom took me in to peruse the selection of clothes made of the most delicate fabrics with prints that resembled paintings. I guess I was drawn to the light colors and the all the floral and lace much earlier than I realized.

I was still at that age where I wasn't very opinionated and my mom picked out most of my clothes. It felt like an eternity in that dressing room, with the sales attendants bringing me accessories and watching me closely to make sure I didn't ruin any of the clothes. My mom brought over two wool skirts that, for some reason, 10 year-old me loved. I was giddy about my skirts, and I remember wearing them so often that my nanny had to hide them from me for the rest of the summer because they took her forever and a day to wash.

I've always been one to go for pieces that look simple at first glance, but when studied, posses the most beautiful characteristics. This dress is exactly that. The eyelet lace trim is tastefully incorporated as a flirty detail. The layers create a beautiful elongating effect, as does the illusion that this dress is two pieces. Not to mention, lilac is such a stylish alternative to pink. It's much more understated and a unique color, as it's not very common. This style nods to the 40's, which is one of my favorite fashion eras.

When I come across gems like this dress, I style everything else I'm wearing around it. Nude pumps were the first thing that came to mind. They're the perfect shoe that complement virtually anything. Initially, I grabbed a light-colored coat, but figured that it would give me a washed out look -- no, thank you. I then got the idea to play up my red soles with a red coat, and voilà.

This dress has proved itself versatile the few times I've worn it out. I already see myself continuing to pull this dress for various occasions in the future -- all the more reason to keep it forever!

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