How does this work?

I'll post items that I no longer want on this page. Everything is free and claimed on a first come, first serve basis. Email me at or click here to claim the item(s) of your choice. You'll receive an email back if the item(s) are still available. 

How many items can I claim?

As many as you want! Everything is claimed on a first come, first serve basis, so revisiting the site frequently is definitely encouraged. I just ask that you be considerate of others and only claim what you need or want. And in the event that you don't like your item(s) upon receiving them, please donate them. 

Is everything new?

No, I have worn most of the items. However, all worn clothing articles have been washed or dry cleaned. If an item is new, it'll be stated in the description. 

Why haven't you replied to me? 

It's more efficient for me to only reply to the first person who claimed each item, so if you haven't heard back from me within 48 hours, chances are that your item(s) has been claimed. 

How often do you update the closet cleanout page?

I do my best to update it every season. Once I've confirmed that someone wants the item(s), I'll promptly take it off the site. I add new items at least once a month. 

How quickly do items get claimed?

It depends; some items go quicker than others, and unfortunately, my page doesn't auto-refresh to show that, so some items that you see may have already been accounted for. 

I haven't successfully claimed anything yet. Do you have any tips?

I update the page spontaneously, so the best thing to do is to visit the closet cleanout page often. I usually don't post about new items on Instagram stories until much later, so claiming items in those first few hours can definitely up your chances.